Imperial Frontier Army

The Imperial Frontier Army, or “The Borders” as they are known, is the longest arm of the Empire. The Borders are the vanguard of any Imperial expansion, often entering enemy territory well in advance of other military elements in order to perform scouting, espionage, and to make initial contact with any potentially friendly elements. Once the Empire is in place, the Borders act as a local constabulary until more permanent arrangements can be made.

They are referred to as “The Borders” for this reason: the borders of the empire are only held by the courage and sacrifice of the Imperial Frontier Army.


Squads are usually between 8 and 16 strong, let by a Corporal and a Sergeant. Typically, ten squads will report to a Captain. Five Captains will report to the company Commander.


Currently, the 12th company has been assigned to the Nentir Vale.

Imperial Frontier Army

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